Destination: Gaming

Go Play NW is now an irrevocable part of my event schedule in the years to come.

Any fears I had of the dreaded “indie hipsterism” that can sometimes infect other niche creative groups was quickly banished upon contact with my peers. I say peers, because that’s how they seemed almost immediately. From my first dinner table discussion of game theory in the Campion ballroom to my last at Luna Park Cafe, I knew I was one amongst equals.

The amount of creativity on display was a bit staggering. It can be so difficult during one’s gaming career to find likeminded individuals to journey with; having so many in one place was an exercise in abundance. It left me with the question: do I recruit or be recruited? Maybe it’ll be both.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I experienced at Go Play NW 2014:

I started by getting in touch with my inner Lasers & Feelings, a single page game that was so excellent that I ran a session directly after having played in my first. It took less than two hours to break my vow to only play games for weekend.

Avatar World is a “hack” of Apocalypse Worldbased around one of my all-time favorite anythings, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was super excited to jump into this and my time as a Kyoshi Warrior did not disappoint. The people I met playing this remained boon companions throughout the weekend.

I have no link for roguish, only my fond memories. This player-drawn, procedurally generated dungeon crawler was exactly the sort of new experience I was hoping for. It allowed a joke from the Avatar World session to blossom into a terrifying menace of the depths below.

I broke my vow a second time to run a session of Dreadmy go-to pickup game for conventions. The players gave me a theme and five minutes to create an adventure worthy of them. What unfolded was a tale of victorian era class warfare during a pneumatic journey to the moon!

I finished my wonderful weekend as Psych-cus, the mentally mighty ficus plant during a brief Refuge In Audacity. It was an epically relaxing way to end the convention, rolling dice and attaining INFINITY GODHOOD with a full table of my peers. I paid a meager $10 dollars for the experience and got the rulebook for free.

Between all these superlative experiences I had several fine meals and many excellent conversations. While Pride weekend carried on a few blocks away, I in turn reveled in my own sense of pride. Proud to be a member of such a fantastic community.


Time to Play!

Go Play NW starts today! I strongly considered putting a scenario together to run during my first outing, but I’ve since changed my mind.

I love running games for people. It’s my passion. And I plan to do so for as long as I have players who are willing to take that journey with me. However, spending too long in the “big chair” can dull certain senses. I think I’m going to take this opportunity to remember what it’s like just to play around in someone else’s world for a bit.

I’m certain I’ll have a good time exploring some new worlds, before I return to building upon my own. Maybe I’ll even learn a few lessons from the experience that I can share here.

Have a great weekend out there in the Real World (if you must), I’ll be elsewhere for awhile!


I’ve been so busy planning and running games (some lasting the full 8 hours) that I’ve paid no attention to this blog.

I’m sorry. Not terribly sorry. But still…


Despite despicable power-up from @SuckerPunchProd, @GeekGirlCon was 4th! Proud to play with @teklanika @JexBall @TheDigitalGngr! #Seattle #TheGauntlet #girlgamers


Despite despicable power-up from @SuckerPunchProd, @GeekGirlCon was 4th! Proud to play with @teklanika @JexBall @TheDigitalGngr! #Seattle #TheGauntlet #girlgamers

I’ve stepped into the new generation of consoles. I can’t fill all my gaming hours with tabletop RPGs (sadly) so it’s time to see what this thing can do.

I’ve stepped into the new generation of consoles. I can’t fill all my gaming hours with tabletop RPGs (sadly) so it’s time to see what this thing can do.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a LucasArts point and click adventure game

This was a lot of fun to do. Particularly in thinking about which scenes to draw and also realising just how suitable the Buffy stories are to this type of game. There are so many objects and puzzles to solve. It made me think it would be a good writing exercise to take your story and see if it would fit into this type of game. If it can’t then I suspect it’s probably lacking a little narrative propulsion. 

There are many, many other scenes I could have chosen (I’d still like to do 70s Spike on the subway car) but I thought one for each season was nice.

Some I chose because I wanted to show a specific location. Some I chose based on a gag that I thought would be funny e.g. Cordelia’s spatula and Willow’s broken crayon.

Here’s each episode I used as reference:

Season 1 - Welcome to Hellmouth

Season 2 - Inca Mummy Girl

Season 3 - Homecoming

Season 4 - Hush

Season 5 - Triangle

Season 6 - Grave

Season 7 - Touched

I’m going to be at the Bristol comic expo this weekend selling some prints.

With a small amount of power…

…comes a medium amount of responsibility.

It would seem I’m officially on staff with:


as the Gaming Events Coordinator, or as I insist on calling myself, the Game Master Laureate. (It’s going to catch on one of these days!)

I’m looking forward to expanding the scope of our RPG and board game activities, amongst other things. Already working on some awesome ideas!